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    “We made a ton of money and EVERYONE enjoyed themselves!”

    Our fully equipped, customizable ‘Comedy Night’ fundraisers are a fun-filled way to sell tickets and bring a crowd in to support your organization!


    Volunteer Fire Departments, American Legion / VFW, Rescue Squads, Elks/Moose/Eagle/Lions, Knights of Columbus, Kiwanis, Animal Rescues, Police Unions, Political organizations and campaigns, Little League, PAL, Project Graduation, Churches/Synagogues - you name it, we’ve done Let us show you the way to a successful event!


  • About Us

    “If you wanna be in comedy heaven, go with The Comedy Haven!” - Paul Bond, Comedian

    What is The Comedy Haven?

    The Comedy Haven is a full service entertainment agency specializing in professional stand up comedy shows.


    Our Mission: 

    Whether it’s a 10,000 seat theater, a 20 seat outdoor dining room and everything in between, our mission here at The Comedy Haven is to bring a top notch professional comedy show to your gathering.


    We have access to the nation’s greatest, most talented comedians and can provide everything needed to deliver the ‘comedy club experience’ directly to you for fundraisers and benefit events, roasts, corporate meetings and celebrations, church functions, anniversary/engagement/graduation parties, birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties, backyard gatherings, or to add as regular entertainment at your restaurant or banquet hall.


    Founded in 2006 by stand up comedian and New Jersey native Rob Epple, The Comedy Haven can provide everything needed to make the show happen, as well as your favorite comedians from all over the United States, for a completely customizable, laugh-filled, worry-free event for any and all causes!

    Call 908-403-0502 or email ComedyHavenProductions@gmail.com today to discuss your event and for a FREE price quote!


    Proudly serving: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York (all boroughs and Long Island), Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina


    Comedy Haven Productions, LLC is based in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is fully insured. “The Comedy Haven” brand name and logo are the professional and intellectual property of Comedy Haven Productions, LLC and may only only be used with written and signed permission.

  • Saturday Night Showcases

    Featuring some of the nation’s funniest comedians!

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    “Good evening and welcome......”

    Dinner, drinks, laughs!

    Bring hilarious comedians into your venue....mix with the most dedicated production and showmanship, delicious food and drink, relaxing atmosphere, and you create an unforgettable experience your customers will come out for again and again!  

  • FAQs

    “Let me askya somethin’....”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why stand up comedy?

    A: Stand up comedy is my passion!

    I’ve been a professional stand up comedian for 15 years running and have loved every second of it! When I first saw the tremendous impact that comedy has on its audiences,

    Furthermore, comedy shows have been utilized by volunteer organizations and in the food and beverage service industry for decades as a proven way to draw a crowd for a good time and to generate a profit. Whether it’s using the proceeds to benefit a charitable cause, raising funds for the operational expenses of a particular organization, or to attract more guests to eat and drink at your establishment, stand-up comedy is a highly enjoyable way to bring people together!


    Q: What do you mean by ‘full service’?

    A: Full service means all the equipment needed for the show, including spotlights, stage, and microphone with loud speaker. You don’t need to provide anything more than power outlets in the performance space - we’ll handle the rest and make the show a memorable experience.


    Q: How much will my “Comedy Night” event cost?

    A: There are several moving pieces that need to be addressed to ensure the success of any stand-up comedy event. For that reason each show is price quoted on an individual basis after reviewing every specific detail in a manner to deliver the most potential for profit versus cost.


    Q: Which comedians can you hire for our event?

    A: Comedy Haven Productions, LLC maintains professional relationships with thousands of Comedians, agents, promoters, and talent coordinators across the United States and Canada. If you have a specific comedian you wish to have part of your event, we have the tools to make it happen. If a nationally touring household name celebrity is what you’re looking for, we’re excited to get it done!


    Q: What happens when we are ready to schedule our event?

    A: Once you have reached a decision to do your show, and settled upon a date, an entertainment services agreement will be presented, reviewed and signed by both parties, after which the comedians will be contacted and scheduled exclusively for your event. It’s that simple!


    Q: Who promotes our “Comedy Night” event?

    A. While The Comedy Haven takes an active role promoting each and every show we conduct to the best of our abilities, the responsibility of advertising to inform the public at large resulting in sold tickets, and turning as much profit as possible rests on the organization or venue conducting the event. The Comedy Haven is available anytime day or night to support clients in their efforts to generate interest for their event.


    Q: How can we promote our show?

    A. Comedy shows can be promoted any number of ways. Word-of-mouth is the most direct and effective way to generate interest for your event. Start by talking about it with friends and family, organization members, and their respective families, each and every single guest or client who frequents your establishment should leave fully aware and interested in your event… Tell everyone from the mail carrier to the clerk at your favorite coffee shop or the folks who maintain your car! Talk it up to everyone you possibly can and strive for the same from everyone involved or employed. Hit the streets with a stack of flyers! Promote door-to-door at businesses and homes - be friendly, approach the public and inform them of what you have going on. Beyond word-of-mouth, social media advertising platforms allow for visibility to thousands of people in a short amount of time. Flyers, newspaper ads, radio spots, and eye-catching signage at your establishment are also effective ways to help spread the word. Think outside the box - find new and unique ways to make the public aware. Be consistent. Be persistent!


    Q: We know absolutely nothing about promoting, nor do we have the time. Who can help us promote?

    A: Every successful comedy venue or show has one thing in common - the venue conducting the event is not only enthusiastic about the show(s), but they’re sharing that excitement with everyone who walks through their door. It is IMPERATIVE that venues and organizations take the lead role in the promotion of their shows. If time and ability are a hold up from conducting an effective full-time marketing campaign, ask about our Promotion and Marketing Services packages! Also, Social media management, multimedia content creators, and event promotion service providers are available for referral upon request.


    Q: I just want to get a comic to pick on my dad for a little bit at his birthday party...

    A: No problem...we have just the comic for the job! Tell me a little about your dad...


    Q: What’s up with your logo?

    A: Every piece on the logo represents something about The Comedy Haven. The spotlights represent the equipment we set up, breakdown, and operate with precision and safety. The old school microphone represents classic style work ethic and an old school business approach. You can be a goofy lookin’ fella with his tongue hangin’ out, or a couple who laughs with their eyes shut, or a beautiful classy woman dating a silly-lookin’ red haired guy, or some funny young man who likes to leave his hand on the stage during the show for the comedian to step on....it doesn’t matter, you are welcome to come in, sit down, have some laughs and enjoy your night at The Comedy Haven

    (We have ice for fingers that get stepped on)

  • Contact Us

    Get the ball rolling on your event...or tell us about your experience....or request a comic at one of our shows.....write to us below or call 908-403-0502